DOPU Sample Parameters

Each parameter should appear as name=value. If there are any spaces in the value, put quotation marks around the whole thing, as in "name=value with spaces".

Parameter Sample Description
appid 48621cd4-b9d1-4bb6-aa2f-d2d859e21eb6 The clinical system's application identifier. The sample can be used in our partner environment, but you'll need to create your own appid when you go live.
name Drop-off Sample A friendly name for your application. This will be shown to the patient as the source of the information.
url (partner) (production) The complete URL to the HealthVault web service.
question What was the name of your first pet? A challenge question for which the patient will remember the answer
answer Seeds the parakeet The answer to the challenge question. The patient will have to enter this answer exactly, so be sure it is something they will remember.
file test-ccr.xml The path to the file that contains the patient information to send.
type 1e1ccbfc-a55d-4d91-8940-fa2fbf73c195 (CCR)bd0403c5-4ae2-4b0e-a8db-1888678e4528 (File)9c48a2b8-952c-4f5a-935d-f3292326bf54 (CCD) The HealthVault item type of the information being sent.
email test-email.txt The path to the file that contains email text to send to the patient. This file should contain two special tokens. When the email is send, the string [PICKUP] will be replaced with the appropriate HealthVault URL (as specified in the "pickup" parameter). [SECRET] will be replaced with the secret code needed to pick up the package.
to-addr The patient's email address
to-name Joe Patient The name of the patient
from-addr automailer The mailbox name for the sender of the patient email. This is a bit tricky. When configuring a HealthVault application to send mail, the domain part (e.g., must be specified. This parameter is automatically put together with that domain to create the from address. So here you should only put the part of the address before the "@" sign.
from-name Contoso Clinic The name of the clinic sending information.
subject New health information ready for pick-up The subject of the email sent to the patient
pickup (partner) (production) The URL the patient should visit to pick-up their information.