Double the personal health goodness ... two upcoming HealthVault webinars!

Two, count ‘em two upcoming HealthVault webinars … would love to see you for either or both:

HealthVault intro for CodeFest Developers

Thursday, April 19 10:30-11:30am Pacific

We’re getting ready to attend the Cajun Code Fest down in Lafayette, LA April 27 and 28. The challenge at this event is to develop innovative apps to address childhood obesity, and we’re hoping that HealthVault will play a big part in some of the solutions that get built. In order to help get creative juices flowing, HealthVault technical lead Ali Emami will hold an “Introduction to HealthVault for Developers” webinar the week before the event. Even though we’re timing the webinar for CodeFest folks, it will be useful for anybody looking to get their head around how to develop for HV and what it offers to help power great solutions.

This webinar is most appropriate for technical folks who are interested in developing solutions with HealthVault.

Join online meeting or by phone: +14257063500 or +18883203585 (Find a local number) Conference ID: 57063452


HealthVault State of the Union II

Tuesday, April 24 8-9am Pacific

We’re getting up early in Redmond for our next State of the Union because the topic is all about international --- and we want to be sure that our friends in Europe and worldwide can attend at a reasonable hour. We’ll talk more about our plans for rolling out HealthVault to additional regions, and a bit about the business approach that will drive our engagements as well. We’re working hard to create an environment with plenty of business opportunity for solution developers --- and need your feedback!

I’ll also give a quick update on recent activity, including some notes on the MU2 NPRM and some great new innovative apps that have come online. And most importantly, I’ll leave at least 30 minutes for open Q&A. Counting on your guys to ask some tough questions and make it interesting …

This webinar is appropriate for a wide audience … anybody interested in HealthVault should expect to be enthralled!

Join online meeting or by phone: +14257063500 or +18883203585 (Find a local number) Conference ID: 61875299