Dynamics CRM + HealthVault … Holy crap, it's population management!

There are a million incredible ways that HealthVault can help improve healthcare, and I love to talk about each and every one of them. But if you really step back and look at where we’re moving the needle today, one uber-scenario is clearly dominant: we enable population management.

I use the term broadly --- covering the whole spectrum from employee wellness, to citizen self-management portals, all the way up the scale to super-high-acuity managed programs for serious conditions. Anywhere that somebody is trying to move the needle on cost or outcomes for a group of folks … HealthVault can help.

We help because we can reach beyond a single care setting or provider. Home monitoring devices, convenient mobile access and self-reported observations are a great start. Information from other activities and care settings adds context. Including families and informal caregivers as part of the process provides continuity and social support. All the patient-side ingredients for success are there.

But engagement is only one side of the solution. On the “enterprise” side, care managers need tools to help them understand who needs their attention, and not waste time on folks that are doing great. They need dashboards, reminders, alerts --- they need Customer Relationship Management.

In fact, most HealthVault-enabled solutions on the market boil down to this pattern. For some condition or domain, provide patient-side tools to measure and report on status, and enterprise-side tools to identify who needs support and with what severity. The pattern works for diabetes, hypertension, obesity, COPD, wellness and fitness, mental health, IBD --- you name it.

Well, as it turns out I sit right next to the Dynamics CRM team, a group of people whose lives are all about creating the best enterprise-side CRM experience out there. I’ve spent some time over the last couple of months working with the team there and some of our great CRM partners … and I think you can expect to see some really neat combo solutions in the not-too-distant future.

And Dynamics CRM is extra-awesome because of how easy it is to get started with their online-only service at http://crm.dynamics.com. For a small practice, CRM Online is a totally cost-effective way to build out a population management program. As a proof of concept, we put together a simple installable package that enables remote monitoring programs for glucose and blood pressure readings. We’re figuring out how to make the code available for partners and customers to build on, but I thought I’d share a couple of screenshots here (click to see a larger view).


The really neat thing about CRM is that it is built to be customized. So once you have the basics in place, your options are pretty much unlimited. Want to alert a care manager when glucose values go above a certain value? Just click to add a new workflow. Quick charts to review before a visit? No problem. Cross-population analytics using familiar tools like Excel? Easy peasy. I am not easy impressed by technology, but I have to say I’m pretty blown away with the power behind this thing.

Of course, there are other solutions to the CRM side of the equation too and we’re proud to connect with all of them. But I love it when things dovetail so nicely, and Dynamics CRM and HealthVault really make a fantastic pair. It’s easy to get more information, too --- we’ve got great partner sites for both HealthVault and CRM. So check them out!

I love it when a plan comes together.