Exciting News: HealthVault in Germany and beyond!

Thanks to our German team for helping me with a translation here!

From day one it’s been our goal to expand the work we’re doing with HealthVault to other parts of the world. The first step was our partnership with TELUS health space in Canada, followed by the launch of HealthVault in the UK and agreements in Germany and elsewhere.

It’s always been crystal clear that an understanding of local needs is critical to acceptance of a new platform like HealthVault. That’s as true as ever, but we’ve learned a lot more since getting started:

  • First, the need is universal. Regardless of payment model, every country and every region is struggling to keep up with rising healthcare costs.
  • Second, increased citizen engagement is on everyone’s roadmap as an approach to the problem.
  • Finally, our initial approach of dropping fully-independent HealthVault “instances” into every country simply does not scale quickly enough to meet the need.

For the last many months, we’ve been working hard to adjust our model to support a broader rollout. We’re in the final stages of that work and I’m excited to announce that over the course of the year we’ll be expanding access to our current EU-based HealthVault service (based out of our data centers currently in the United Kingdom) to users across Europe and beyond. With this change, local organizations will have the opportunity to offer users the benefits of connectivity between health applications and a personal HealthVault record. It will also greatly enable the movement of innovation from market to market --- sharing successes while recognizing local differences.

The great news I can offer today is that our first step in this rollout will bring Microsoft HealthVault directly to residents of Germany by the end of June. In conjunction, the current HealthVault-powered service Assignio, available to select German residents since 2010, will be discontinued on August 31, 2012. Assignio account holders will have the option to transfer their personal health information to HealthVault as soon as we officially launch the expanded service.

More information about rollout plans beyond Germany will be available soon. As you can imagine, our top priority is to ensure that all stakeholders understand how this new approach will work, and the role of user-controlled information in the healthcare and data protection systems. We are fully committed to ensuring that people worldwide have better ways to collect, manage, share and use the information they need to get and stay healthier.

HealthVault --- coming soon to an Internet near you --- awesome!