Great content, disastrous logistics!

Thanks to all who joined us for the SoTU III HealthVault webinar this morning! I’ve shared our slides below and look forward to following up with folks about our business model, Windows 8 focus, or our health space friends up in Canada. Lots of good contact info, URLs and code snips too:

Download the webinar slides here

But wow, I haven’t had a logistics disaster like that in a long time. In addition to spurious calendar invites, we had multiple webinar links, confused audio, presentations that seemed to advance themselves, no control over our IM sessions, yikes. Glad we weren’t sharing video so folks couldn’t see the state of our presentation room. Clearly we have outgrown our little friendly fireside chat --- about 200 people online requires a different level of moderation. Please accept my apologies and know we’ll look less JV next time.

That behind us, the content was great. In summary:

  1. We talked about the HealthVault business model --- how we’ve standardized our agreements and pricing worldwide and are focused on enabling partners to deliver great population-focused applications to their customers.
  2. Ali gave an introduction to Windows 8 and our newly released WinRT SDK. I’m increasingly excited about the potential here. On mobile we’ve seen how powerful a “suite” of apps all using common HealthVault data can be, and things like the sharing charms we’re deploying will make this way more expected and seamless. I want a Surface!
  3. Preet stepped in with a bit of time pressure and gave a great introduction to TELUS health space and the healthcare opportunity in Canada. Folks, this is a really great market, and your HealthVault integration work will translate directly onto health space. Hope this will lead to some new scenarios up North!

In any case, it always pumps me up to talk to people about what we’re doing … the momentum couldn’t be more electric right now, and I’m just really grateful to have such an engaged community to be sharing it with. Thank you!

* Note I will add the recording to this post as soon as I get it processed.