Headed to the gym? Stay motivated with new awesome from Precor and HealthVault!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to not pile onto the torrent of “resolutions” blog posts and tweets. ;) But it’s late enough in the month, and our news with Precor is awesome enough, that I think I’m justified in sharing. So check this out:

CES: Gym Equipment Links To Microsoft HealthVault

For the last few months, we’ve been working with Arizona State University on a really neat program --- a feedback loop that uses HealthVault and other technology to implement wellness apps and activities, drive research around their effectiveness, and push insights gained back into HealthVault to make the tools work better. It’s just gearing up and about the most exciting thing in my world right now. Go Sun Devils!

As part of their commitment to wellness, ASU has upgraded their fitness centers to the latest Precor machines that include a connection to Preva. Preva is an online service from Precor that combines tracking in the gym and on mobile devices with nudges and rewards to help folks stay motivated --- super cool stuff.

And of course, having that Preva data integrated as part of the 360-degree ASU HealthVault profiles made sense. Serendipity is a great thing --- as it turns out, Precor headquarters is just about fifteen minutes up the road from where I sit. So we zipped up there in the HealthVaultMobile and found that we have super-complementary visions of where the world is going in this space.

The end result? Any Preva user can now link to their HealthVault record and easily:

  • Track the information together with at-home or other beyond-the-gym workouts;
  • Combine it with other information like weight measurements from connected scales by Withings, Fitbit, or blipcare.
  • Share their progress on social media;
  • Apply their workouts to a “virtual trip” for extra motivation;
  • Share activity with doctors or other caregivers that are helping with PT or just getting into shape;
  • … and a ton more …

Click here to establish your Preva-HealthVault connection!

If you’re lucky enough to have access to Preva at your local gym, I’d really encourage you to give it a try --- and if the machines there aren't up to snuff, tell your club to get with the program! This all-up integrated experience is where fitness and wellness are going … and it's great to be making it happen with partners like Precor and ASU.

Great start to 2014!