HealthVault on your iPhone courtesy of iTriage… so cool!

Much like families that celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah this time of year, the Nolans are a mixed-platform family. Connor and I use mostly Windows stuff, but Alex and Lara are all Apple, all the time. So while I’ve been crowing about our new HealthVault app for Windows Phone, the peanut gallery here has been grumbling that we need a great iPhone app too.

Glad you asked! I just got a note this evening that the newest version of iTriage --- one of the most popular apps across the iOS platform --- just went live in the app store with HealthVault connectivity. It’s a read-only view, but quite comprehensive and super-usable. There’s even a quick link to help Google Health users move their information over to HealthVault. Nice!

Check out the announcement from the iTriage team on their blog.

Yet another way to make sure that you have access to your family’s health information when you need it --- in your pocket or purse and ready to go. Make sure to hook up your HV account to Walgreens or CVS so your medications are always kept current!

PS. If you’re tracking glucose values, make sure to check out Bant, a great diabetes management app for the iPhone that also connects to HV! And if you’re a developer … the HealthVault iOS library is ready and waiting for you to give it a shot.