Helping Los Angeles seniors with Kinect and HealthVault

This has to be about the most wickedly awesome story ever. This afternoon we released details of a public-private partnership between Microsoft, the Los Angeles Department of Aging, Partners in Care Foundation, and St. Barnabas Senior Services, a non-profit organization that operates a popular senior center in one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Based on a health and wellness program developed by Partners in Care, the “Exergamers Wellness Club” adds active gaming through Kinect and tracking/monitoring through HealthVault to help folks get healthier and enhance their social lives at the same time.

The community at St. Barnabas is dancing and bowling like crazy --- if you’ve never tried the Kinect, you’ve got to find one and give it a shot, seriously. And while our great gaming platform is helping people forget that they’re actually working out, HealthVault and a special geriatric health management application built by Get Real Consulting are tracking and monitoring improvements over time. HealthVault-connected devices and sharing features create great opportunities for seniors, their families and providers to collaborate around care.

The official story has some great color and stats that you really ought to check out. And be sure to watch video of the sweet flash mob that kicked off the event today!

The best part? Now that it’s clear that the program works, the Department of Aging is expanding the Club to all fifteen senior centers in the Los Angeles area … and hopefully that’s just the beginning. I can’t wait to see others start replicating this success across the country and the world. This is real progress!

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