I am in love with my Withings blood pressure monitor.

Last year I wrote about my Withings bathroom scale --- a fantastic piece of hardware that I’m still using today, happily sending measurements up to my HealthVault account over my home network. The proof of its awesomeness is how little I think about it. Shower time, step on the scale, step off, done. Flawless.

Well, Cédric and team at Withings have done it again. Their new blood pressure monitor showed up at my house today, and it is every bit as well put together as the scale. The experience is just wicked:

  • Open the box and take out the unit. Directions say (1) Unlock your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch; (2) Plug in your Withings Blood Pressure Monitor.
  • A prompt immediately shows up and says you need an app to go with this device; a quick confirmation and the free app is installed from the App Store.
  • The app shows you how to sit and put on the cuff, and you hit “Start”.
  • Done.

After entering my password for http://my.withings.com into the app so it could push results to the web, connecting to HealthVault was a snap as well. Just click on the “Share” button on the site, choose the HV option, log into your HV account and confirm the connection. Now stop thinking about it --- every reading will be sent automatically.

Using the phone/pad as the display for the monitor is such a great idea. It makes the cuff simpler, and from a user experience perspective you can do way more on these devices than you can with a few buttons and a crappy LCD screen. Now, I wish it’d plug into my Windows Phone too --- but that’s another issue altogether. :)

We always get so wrapped around ourselves about the “complexities” of healthcare and how hard it is to make it simple for users --- I’m guilty of that for sure. The folks at Withings have shown us again that that’s just lazy thinking. Their devices are a joy to use and own. I’m super-glad that they’re part of the HealthVault family.