Join us for HealthVault State of the Union v3!

Wow, time flies --- and the months since our last State of the Union webinar have been particularly big ones for HealthVault. Just off the top of my head … Worldwide expansion, release of the final Meaningful Use 2 rule, launch of the AARP Health Record, our new HealthVault iPhone app, and a whole lot of internal evolution of our business and technology roadmaps. Can we breathe yet?

So while it took a little longer than we’d planned, it’s time for another HealthVault “State of the Union” webinar, and I hope you’ll join us at 10am Pacific time on October 3, 2012.


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Tel 888-320-3585, Passcode 23931095

October 3, 2012

10am-11am Pacific


The session is open to everyone, but is specifically targeted at folks interested in learning more about connecting their own worlds with HealthVault to drive patient or consumer engagement. During these sessions we share information on new HealthVault features and launches, market trends, business opportunities --- all the good stuff that you can build into your work to deliver more compelling, valuable, marketable experiences.

This quarter, we’ll be covering three key topics:

  1. What’s up with the new HealthVault “reseller” agreement, and how can it help build your business?
  2. Windows 8 is coming, and HealthVault is ready! Learn how you can build HV-enabled apps on Win8 quickly and easily with our newest SDK.
  3. Have you heard about TELUS health space? We’ll talk about activity going on with our sister service in Canada, and how it might be a great opportunity for your apps and services.

 …and we’ll do our best to leave a bit of room for Q&A, where in classic HealthVault tradition no topics are out of scope.

 Please join us --- and share the link with anyone you think might want to be part of the journey. There will be cake! OK, no there won’t.

[Updated 10/3/2012 --- just posted a recap and slide here]