Meet the Smiths!

Working on HealthVault is just a ton of fun. There are lots of reasons for this --- helping real people live better lives is a pretty good gig --- but a key one comes down to the people on the team. Folks just seem to go the extra mile and it makes for a great environment.

In a great example of this --- our support team has taken it on themselves to build out a whole set of videos that walk through how to use key HealthVault features. You can see these videos on the HealthVault YouTube channel, mixed in with some other stuff about using our products.

In any case, the team reached out to me a few weeks ago with the idea of connecting these videos together into a narrative --- and I thought it was a great idea. So without further ado --- meet the Smiths, our fictional but reality-based family as they explore HealthVault. Be sure to click the links to get to the great videos. Thanks team!

Denise and Jeff Smith live in Redmond, WA and have a busy son named Brian. When Brian was four years old, he was diagnosed with diabetes. This was a big change for the family, as they had to change much of their lives to accommodate the frequent blood sugar checks and his dietary needs. Brian is now six years old and his diabetes is relatively well managed, thanks to the work of his doctors and parents.

About six months ago, Denise heard about HealthVault and decided to check it out. She was delighted to discover how easy it was to create a HealthVault account using her Facebooklogin, and to add records for her family to the account. Once she entered some basic information, she made two exciting discoveries:

Through the coming months, we’ll check in with the family and look at how HealthVault helps them manage the health information for the entire family.