MS-HUG awards time again ... bring it!

Every year at HIMSS the Microsoft Health Users Group awards their innovation awards. Past winners have been pretty awesome --- of course I'm partial to some of the HealthVault-based winners like Heart360 and SkinScan, but from top to bottom we see great entries. Key requirements: the solution should be in play in the real world (not just demoware), and it should use Microsoft technologies, but beyond that --- just looking for great solutions that are helping real folks and deserve some kudos!

And the categories are ....

  • Innovation in Patient Engagement: High-quality healthcare that is delivered with effective and timely communication in an integrated information environment.
  • Innovation in Electronic Medical Record Optimization: A solution that helps improve patient care, enhances care quality, and boosts operational performance using information and communications technology and real-time business intelligence.
  • Innovation in Infrastructure Optimization: A solution that helps improve performance and promotes operational efficiencies of technology platforms and investments at a lower overall cost.
  • Innovation in Mobile Health Solutions: Healthcare transformation that includes new ways to collaborate and access information and applications.
  • Open Innovation: If your solution doesn’t fit into any of the previous four categories, you may enter this category.

It's also kind of a tradition that we let people submit a week after the original deadline ;) --- so you have until the 27th to get your entries in.

Read more from Steve on the Microsoft in Health blog --- that's also where you'll find the entry form. Really looking forward to seeing what pops this year!