Tell us how to make HealthVault better, get goodies....

One of the big changes to the HealthVault team over the last few years is that we've built out an incredible, small but mighty group focused exclusively on making HV-based experiences great. If you're a long-time user or follower, you've seen things they've done like the Weight Management dashboard, our Windows 8 app, improvements to our secure messaging interface, and much much more. These folks are always interested in hearing from real users, and comb through feedback forms, forum posts and social media daily to make sure we're spending our time on the most important problems. Adding to that research, they're convening a group of real users to work with directly. Check out the below and I hope you'll take part!

Have you taken control of your health by using HealthVault?

If so, Microsoft User Research needs your feedback in their upcoming study. Help them create new & innovative ways to manage your health info!

As a thank you for participating you will receive a choice of a $150 gift card or Microsoft software, hardware, or games.

Find out how you can participate here: