Thanks, Steve.

Today was the annual Microsoft company meeting; the last one that will happen with SteveB as CEO. Mostly the meeting is a well-orchestrated propaganda-fest --- the kind of thing that creates a very physical negative response in me, no matter what the target of the idolatry is (don’t get me started about friggin’ Apple groupies). But --- it’s impossible to watch Steve talk without knowing that he is putting it all out there. And especially at a time when everybody and their idiot brother feel qualified to comment on his career … I’d just like to say thanks.

Thank you for helping to create the company that taught me to build great software when I was barely 20 years old.

Thank you for giving me a place to do “work” that makes me proud and happy --- and put me in a position to provide great lives for my kids and family.

Thank you for teaching me how to argue loud and hard without making it personal.

And (most relevant to this blog) thank you for making HealthVault happen.

Peter convinced me that Microsoft was the right place to make a bet on long-term, systemic change to the way healthcare works in the world. You gave us the space and support to execute on that bet, year after year. You kept it alive even when we weren’t sure where it should live in the company, and made sure we had the support to figure that out for the long term.

So here we are. Every day thousands of people --- and thousands more every day --- use HealthVault to take care of themselves, their kids, their parents and friends. They manage chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. They lose weight and get fit. They participate in challenges and social events to stay motivated. And they work more effectively with their doctors and other caregivers.

It’s pretty awesome. And really great for the world.

So --- thanks.