Walk Me? Walk YOU!

A bit more than two years ago now (wow, time flies) --- we launched Walk Me, a great HealthVault app to help folks get healthier by walking on their own and as part of a group. It was created by a group of Microsoft employees in their spare time --- and is really well put together. I love this app!

We constantly hear great ideas about how to make Walk Me better --- providing a mobile version, adapting it for corporate wellness programs with rewards and incentive, just all kinds of stuff. Something about the simplicity and obvious fun of the app really sparks great ideas.

But here’s the bummer --- the guys who built Walk Me have day jobs here in Health Solutions, and we keep them really busy (Vaibhav of CHC fame was one), so the app really hasn’t grown since launch. After talking about this earlier this year, they decided that they would release the code under an open license, so that anybody could take it and make it better.

The result --- Walk Me is now on Codeplex, licensed under Apache 2.0. They did this without much fanfare, so here I go….. Calling all innovators, hobbyists and Health 2.0 entrepreneurs --- start with an awesome, world-class codebase and build the next great social walking application!

I really hope that some enterprising folks will give it a try. You can get your installation of Walk Me running against our PPE test environment in no time. Add a feature or two. Make the brand and graphics your own. Help companies save money on their insurance premiums by getting their employees healthy. MAKE MONEY WITH IT! Or just do it for fun, that’s cool too. ;)

There’s no better offer than free, folks --- so get to it. Woo hoo!