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Well, that was awesome. I just got home from a wonderful, two week family vacation --- something that is increasingly rare for us as my kids continue to grow into their own lives. We spent time in Maine with my parents, Georgia on the island where my wife and I were married twenty-one years ago, and just a few days in Florida so we could commune with Mickey and check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (BIG thumbs-up for the ButterBeer!).

Of course, now that we’re back, things jump right back to the chaos that is life. Alex is back to college on Saturday, high school starts back up in a few days for Connor, and despite now two days of solid email triage I’m still hopelessly behind. So --- onward!

One of our first orders of HealthVault business right now is --- fill some key open positions. Look, it’s pretty obvious that I’m super-passionate about what we do. As our online selves increasingly become an integral part of who we are, HealthVault to me is a beacon of the BEST of what the cloud can offer. Always-on, redundant, worldwide availability --- integration with all the diverse touchpoints where your information is needed --- but explicitly controlled by YOU.

It really is a magical combination --- and an inevitable one. We are defining in healthcare a model that empowers real people to have more independence and more control over their lives. It is awesomely fun. You should try it. Seriously --- come work with us and be a part of something you’ll want to tell your grandkids about.

We’re currently hiring for three positions (this query will always get you to the latest). All are located here in lovely Bellevue, Washington. You can submit online, or certainly feel free to contact me directly via the form on this blog and I’ll get things routed the right way. Help us:

Can’t wait to meet you!