What's the story with HealthVault on Android?

Super quick post because it's just too much text to put into a tweet. ;)

We get the question a lot --- with the HealthVault iPhone, Windows Phone and Windows 8 mobile apps --- what's the story with Android? Because we're both app and platform, there are a few dimensions to the answer:


1. We DON'T have a "first party" HealthVault app built by Microsoft for Android. We get this request a lot, and my good friend Umesh keeps threatening to write one behind my back, but the reality for now is that we don't have plans to do this. Not that we don't want to ... we just have a long backlog and it's too far away to put a date to as yet.

2. We DO have an SDK that enables Android apps to connect to HealthVault, and there are about a half dozen or so that have done so. Take a look at our app directory and choose "Mobile / Android" to see the list. The most popular right now is iTriage, a great app that provides Android-native read only access to your HealthVault profile (and a lot more). We love Android developers so check out the SDK at http://msdn.com/healthvault and let us know if you run into problems!

3. As a fallback, the HealthVault web site does present pretty well on at least the Android tablet factors like the Nexus 7, and is usable if not ideal on phones as well.


Hope that, while not the answer I know a lot of folks are looking for, at least provides some clarity!