WOW! Sinovo enables an avalanche of new devices for HealthVault users!

HealthVault is about managing our entire health lives, not just the isolated bits that happen in a doctor’s office. For many of us, that includes monitoring conditions at home, over time --- using numbers and trends to keep us safe, find hidden patterns, and stay motivated to make better choices.

While some key things like pain and stress are still elusive, there are a metric TON of devices emerging on the market to help us measure just about everything else about our bodies. This has been one of HealthVault’s core value propositions since day one: we are the one stop shop where all of your device data can come together.

We’ve done a great job with this promise in the US, but until a couple of days ago, the worldwide HealthVault instance was lagging behind in a big way.


162 devices (including the elusive Bayer Contour USB) and counting, thanks to a new partnership with Sinovo, a really great German company that has been working to help people with diabetes and other conditions for a long time. Their SiDiary app is super-cool and I’m really excited to have them as part of our growing HealthVault family in the EU.

And yes, we’ll be adding the Sinovo-powered devices we don’t have in the US to the US instance soon … just have to get Scott back from vacation...