Write once, connect everywhere, dammit.

This is one of those posts I write to keep myself from banging my head against the table. Again this afternoon I happened into a conversation where somebody was saying “hey, I should connect [HEALTH DEVICE X] to [HEALTH SERVICE Y] and it’ll be really cool.” The X and the Y are always different, but the amount of effort going into point-to-point connectivity is just such a colossal waste. It kills me.

Want to connect your health service to all the coolest devices out there? Or the opposite --- want to make sure your device can be used by all of the great new health devices being introduced?

It’s easy: Connect your stuff to HealthVault and you are done. One integration, all the connections. That’s the whole point.

HealthVault is built to be a hub where data comes together. For example --- rather than connecting to the awesome Withings blood pressure monitor directly, just connect to HealthVault and fetch blood pressure readings from there. Your users can now not only use the Withings unit, but ones from Microlife, Walgreens, A&D, Homedics, Omron, and more. In fact, it’s even cooler than that. If your users get a visit summary from their provider, or use another HealthVault tool like Heart360 to enter readings manually, you’ll get those too. One stop shopping.

But wait, there’s more. Want to work with medications or labs? Read those types from HealthVault and your users can automatically populate their information from CVS, Walgreens, Quest and LabCorp. Clinical systems? We’ve connected to a ton, and more come online every day thanks to Meaningful Use and the increased focus on accountable care.

Every day, more great apps, services and devices come online. You ought to be connected to them all. Write once, let us do the rest of the plumbing work, and you’re free to focus on making the best possible solution for your users.

Check out MSDN to get started with integration --- and drop us a note on the forums there if you have any trouble.