Zweena takes away your last excuse …

So much bubbling in the world of HealthVault … hard to keep track of it all, and I’m way behind on my things-to-post-about list. But I have to pop this one to the top because it is just totally awesome.

I’ve posted many times about the three key observations that led to HealthVault:

  1. People/Moms want and need better ways to manage their health information, but
  2. They are not interested in manually updating information, and
  3. They need a deeper and more diverse set of tools than any one company could provide.

That second one has led us to invest an enormous amount of time in creating multiple ways for folks to create comprehensive records. You can enter data manually, but you can also use devices, faxes, scans, connections to labs and pharmacies, dozens of EMR connections, Direct Project messaging, Blue Button… basically we go where the data is.

But there’s still a gap --- because sad to say, the most popular EMR in the world is still paper. So even with all the work we’ve done, it’s still a pain for most folks to get structured, electronic data out of their local providers. Nutty, but true. So it’s not a shocker that lots of folks still feel that the obvious benefits of a rich, comprehensive PHR are out of their reach.

Enter Zweena. These great folks leverage the fact that doctors are obligated by HIPAA to give you your data, even if it is on paper. All on your behalf and behind the scenes, they’ll:

  • Contact your providers to get your information.
  • Scan the documents and upload the originals to HealthVault, AND
  • Translate the information as structured data that is also saved in HealthVault.

They do this for ANY provider, and have cost-effective plans to support your ENTIRE family. And once it’s in HealthVault, it’s ready to use in case of emergency or any of the other key scenarios supported by our 300+ application ecosystem.

This is pretty freaking sweet. And get this --- the basic plan is just $49.95/year for up to four provider connections that can be used by an individual or a small family. If you need more, the unlimited plan is $199/year – still a great deal.

But wait, there’s more! (I’ve always wanted to say that.)

Right now they’ll give you a 60 day completely FREE trial of the service --- you get to see the results from your actual docs before you commit. There goes your last possible excuse. Moms and Dads, can you really possibly justify not giving Zweena a try? I don’t think so.