Adding your Office 365 tenant domain to G Suite

You need to add your tenant initial domain (that one ending with “”) to G Suite when you are setting up the coexistence between Gmail and Exchange Online. We will need that to migrate your e-mails to Office 365.


Please follow the steps bellow:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.
  2. From the Admin console dashboard, click More Controls and then Domains.
  1. Click Add/remove domains.
  1. Click Add a domain alias.
  1. Type your tenant’s initial domain (the one ending with “”) and click the Continue and verify domain ownership button.
  1. Copy the text shown to the clipboard. Keep this tab open.
  1. Open a new tab and sign in to your Office 365 Admin Center.
  2. Expand Settings, click Domains and then click on your tenant’s initial domain.
  1. Click on DNS settings and then on Custom Records to expand them and see the options.
  1. Click on New custom record button.
    1. Select TXT (Text) from the drop-down
    2. Type @ on the field TXT name
    3. Paste the text from Google Admin console on the TXT value field.
    4. Keep the TTL at 1 Hour
    5. Click Save
  1. Go back to the tab with the Google Admin console and click the red Verify button.
  1. Once it finished the verification, you can click the Continue link.
  2. Sign out from Google Admin console and Office 365 Admin center.

Thanks, Daniel Taylor, for the help!