Enabling Intune: Part 1 – Intune Mobile Application Management Only

In this post we'll guide you through the Intune MAM initial configuration, using the FastTrack methodology.


There are some things you might want to check out first if you not well acquainted to Intune yet:

FastTrack Methodology

We work with customers from understanding the services and requirements to data migration and adoption. Data migration applies to specific workloads and sources. In this blog post we talk about activities in Enable phase only. You can find more about the whole process at Onboarding and Migration Phases.

FastTrack Phases

For this blog post we assume you already went through Initiate, Assess and Remediate phases. We also expect the core enablement to be done.


So this is what we expect:


Intune Mobile Application Management Only

Now the fun part!


Intune allows you to configure and enable MAM policies over managed applications, without implementing Intune MDM or any 3rd party MDM solution. In fact, Intune MAM without enrollment can co-exist with any 3rd party MDM solution that you may already have.



  1. Open the Azure Portal.
  2. Click on More services
  3. And then on Intune
  1. Click on App policy in the Settings pane
  2. Click on Add a policy
  1. Type a name and description for the policy
  2. Select the platform the policy will cover
  3. Click on Apps
  4. Select the apps you want to manage with this policy
  5. Click on Select
  6. Click on Settings and choose your options
  7. Click on Create
  1. Select the policy you have just created.
  1. Click User groups.
  1. Click Add user group.
  2. Type the group name (at least the initial letters).
  3. Select the group you want.
  4. Click the Select button.

Once you have the policy created, all you have to do is to use the apps with your corporate account!