Correction posted for IE Explicit Security Zone Mappings and IEZoneAnalyzer's Zone Map Viewer

I received some questions and comments about Internet Explorer's Explicit Security Zone Mappings and about the latest version of IEZoneAnalyzer containing the Zone Map Viewer.  I hadn't had time to dig into the questions so they lingered, but I finally carved some time to post answers to those questions in the Comments sections of those two posts.  I also found one bug both in my write-up about the mappings and in IEZoneAnalyzer, where I had the precedence order wrong when a particular site is defined both in Computer Configuration's and in User Configuration's Site to Zone Assignment List.  I have corrected the content of the original write-up (also downloadable as a Word doc) and posted an updated version of IEZoneAnalyzer (v3.5.0.4).