Job opening: Senior Software Development Engineer

As you may know, the Federal Desktop Core Configuration is largely based on Microsoft’s Security Guidance for Windows.  Well, the team in Redmond that creates and publishes that guidance has a job opening:

Do you have a passion for developing software and want to help our customers become more secure? Interested in making an impact on over 500,000 customers by regularly shipping software every 6-12 months?

Our team ships Solution Accelerators - we accelerate the adoption of the Microsoft platform by incubating exciting future product scenarios today. Our accelerators result in high customer satisfaction, huge downloads, and big changes in upcoming Microsoft products.

The Solution Accelerators for Security and Compliance is comprised of a small number of FTEs that plan, design, develop, and release our products, while managing a few key vendors to do additional development and test work. This high-scale model means that our FTEs focus on the most important aspects of the engineering lifecycle, work with engineering teams across Microsoft, and ensure top quality work from vendors.

If this interests you, check out the job description at