Set_FDCC_LPGO v1.04 (Q3 2008) - Source code

The source code and Visual Studio project files for the Set_FDCC_LGPO Q3 2008 update are included as an attachment to this post.

To build the project, you need Visual Studio 2005 and the Windows SDK. The current NIST FDCC policy files are included in the attachment; to build with updated policy files, the attachment includes a PowerShell script to collect files from a locally-extracted copy of the NIST GPO files.  That script needed to be modified from the previous version, as the folder structure for the NIST GPOs has since been renamed, and earlier assumptions by the script no longer hold.  Details are described in the .ps1 script and the new .cmd batch file that are included.  Since the files have already been collected (in the "res" folder), you won't need to perform those steps to build the project anyway.

Source code is provided "AS-IS" without warranty, and is not supported by Microsoft customer support.

[Attachment removed, as a newer version is available -- bookmark the landing page for the most up-to-date-links.]