Error publishing a SharePoint workflow into Workflow Manager: exceeds the maximum number of arguments


You are trying to deploy into Workflow Manager a SharePoint Workflow 2013 from SharePoint designer, but you got the following error:

“Microsoft.Workflow.Client.ActivityValidationException: Workflow XAML failed validation due to the following errors: Activity 'DynamicActivity' has XX arguments, which exceeds the maximum number of arguments per activity (50).

HTTP headers received from the server - ActivityId:76d43779-6288-4623-bbc9-df7b33b33e21. NodeId: FPCJUBSPWFE. Scope:/SharePoint/default/e16260b4-462f-4e35-bec5-50f2e6859014/2c817785-89e2-43a6-8bb4-f7f4141a4570.
Client ActivityId : 9528eb9c-8f1f-d0cc-36f7-38a6c53b7713”


By default, the maximum number of Arguments that a workflow can receive in Workflow Manager is 50. However, you can modify it as required.


The only supported way to modify configuration parameters in Workflow Manager is by using WFM PowerShell cmdlets. For this specific case the cmdlet  to use is “Set-WFServiceConfiguration.”. Below all the steps required:

 a)    Change the value of “WorkflowServiceMaxArgumentsPerActivity” parameter by executing:

Set-WFServiceConfiguration -ServiceUri <Your WFM FQN URI> -Name WorkflowServiceMaxArgumentsPerActivity -Value <New Value>

b)     Confirm that the value was changed properly by executing: Get-WFServiceConfiguration -ServiceUri <Your WFM FQN URI> -name WorkflowServiceMaxArgumentsPerActivity

c)     Restart WFM services so that the change takes effect: Open a Workflow Manager Powershell command and execute "Stop-WFHost" and then "Start-WFHost" in every WFM server.


Hope it helps.