Flickr and .NET

I recently came across this article: Flickr-ing about with .NET. Anyone who has uploaded photos to Flickr or has an interest in the site can programmatically walk the site with this API. It's rather straight forward. The difficulty lies in coming up with a need for an application. I don't have all of my photos on one computer and walking. My Flickr site has shots taken over two years ago that currently reside on PCs that have gone into a closet and are collecting dust. It would be easier to pull photos from my flickr site rather than going back to those PCs. Perhaps a backup routine could store a local copy of the photos on a personal Flickr site. It could also be used to search for odd criteria. JPG Magazine accepts photo submissions for publication with the stipulation that they must be over 2200 pixel along its longest dimension. It's currently not possible to look for photos matching this criteria in Flickr's default interface. With that, we have two needs:

  • Back Up existing photos to local storage
  • Search for photos by obscure criteria