Windows Server 2012 MVP Roadshow Suomessa ja MIcrosoftilla maanantaina 19.11.

Most Valuable Professional -tittelin omaavat vain kovimmat it-alan ammattilaiset. Liity seuraamme ja tule viettämään asiapitoista päivää Microsoftilla osaavan MVP -ammattilaisen oppiin. Päivän ohjelmassa luvassa kaikki mitä haluat tietää Windows Server 2012:sta yhdessä päivässä:

  1. Different Windows Server 2012 Editions
  2. Server Licensing, Client licensing
  3. What's new in 2012 Management - GUI, PowerShell, Touch experience
  4. Active Directory Management, changes
  5. Roles and Features Management
  6. Supporting VDI and Remote Desktop Access:
    1. Prerequisites and overview of RDS Remote Host Server, RDS Gateway, RDS Web Access and RDS Remote Desktop Host.
    2. What is new in 2012 compared to 2008/2008 R2. Protocol, management and deployment improvements in detail.
    3. Multimedia support., Multi-monitor support, Peripherals support.
    4. RDS related policies.
    5. Task automation – PowerShell & RDS/VDI.
    6. Various mobile client overview and what is supported by specific platforms. How to make your mobile experience even better.
    7. Deployment scenarios.
    8. Windows 8 as RDS client and “server”. Windows 8 and Windows 7 in VDI scenario.
    9. The new RDS Touch experience.
  7. Storage improvements in Windows 2012
  8. Hyper-V improvements in Windows 2012
  9. Direct Access

Oppaanasi Windows Server 2012 maailmaan toimii Windows Server MVP Alex Juschin.

Alex Juschin (aka, Dr.Conti) has the following certifications: Citrix CCIA, Microsoft MCSE NT4 - 2003, MCT, MCITP: Windows Server 2008 R2, Virtualization Administrator. He is a well-recognized persona in the world of Virtualization. He has been awarded Microsoft MVP for Remote Desktop Services since 2006 to present day. With over 15 years in IT, Alex has been working on some of the world's biggest virtualization and infrastructure projects with a user base of over 120000 users, including leading European Banks, retail networks, universities and government bodies. As a freelancer, Alex currently advises multiple global organizations across Europe, so that their Virtualization and Infrastructure related projects are a success. He is also a speaker, presenter and "Ask the Expert" at various industry events, including Microsoft TechEd, MS Virtualization Days, Citrix Synergy and Citrix Geek Speak events in both the US and Europe. Alex is founder of a well-known community virtualization conference called E2EVC (formerly PubForum), which has been visited by almost every well-recognized expert in virtualization community and over 1500 people from all over Europe in the last 9 years. In recognition of his expertise, Microsoft made Alex moderator of the official TechNet Remote Desktop Services Forum. Alex holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science.