The UK ReMix 2008 Videos are online

The ReMix UK 2008 videos are up on the site for you to review at your leisure. If you go to the agenda page here then you will be able to click and download the presentation slides or watch the session.

Here’s what I saw while I was there.

Day 1

The Keynote from Bill Buxton and Scott Guthrie.
Introduction to Silverlight Parts 1 and 2 from Scott Guthrie.
Ado.Net Data Services for the Web from Mike Flasko.
Visual Studio Tips and Tricks from Sara Ford.

Day 2

Understanding the ASP.NET Model View Controller from Scott Guthrie.
ASP.NET Front End Performance from Chris Hay. (There is no data for this one).
The story behind the ugliest website on the Internet from Jim McNiven and Chris Curzon.
20/20 Talks.