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In the continuation of the Wednesday Featured Forum Series we look at the "Exchange Server Forums" which I look at every day.

This Forum was started a long time ago and as the ages have gone by the different groups have grown and the versions have increased over the years from Legacy - Exchange 5.5 up to Exchange 2016.

Many people don't realise that most of the problems encountered in the workplace have been asked and answered. Let's stop here for a second. The word Answered is a big one, with many people that ask the questions and get help from all the MVP's MCC's and Partners, a lot of them fail to spend the few minutes replying back with the solution that worked. This leaves a hole in the Forums especially for the new people starting their Exchange Careers and seeking the help and guidance from these Forums.

Coming back to the Exchange Forums, Personally like the other forums, there are so many people like myself that spend quality time trying to make the forums a better place, moving questions to the right places, voting for answers that are exceptional and marking the answers that add so much value to the community at large. MVP's who have the time that can add value to become Moderators will greatly help out the Exchange Forums.

The amount of knowledge embedded in these forums will not only assist many experts out there (we don't know everything), sometimes I learn something new I never knew and being in the Exchange industry and on the Forums for a number of years it is amazing at what you can learn and the passion you see from the other MVP's, MCC's out there.

I would like to encourage those that can assist to jump on board, not only in the Exchange Forums but on the others as well and make this community even better (it is outstanding already).

On a final note, as many think the forums might not help them, take the time to read them and go through the questions asked, you will be surprised as to when you type in your question the number of suggestions that come up will assist you.

Always vote for your fellow people, mark their answers and keep encouraging everyone out there.

Exchange Forum Links:

Exchange 2010 Exchange 2013 Exchange 2016

Here is an example of a question asked and people have responded but the person asking the question has never come back to say whether or not its resolved and what the resolution was:

Example Article

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