Forum Moderators Best Practices Part 1 - Behold the Forum Moderation Guide!!!

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Back in 2010, Anthony Mann, who helps moderate the Windows forums, migrated the TechNet/MSDN Forums Moderation Guide to TechNet Wiki.

It's worthy of an ebook. So he broke it up into different articles.

Here is the TOC (it's so big that we broke it into sections)...

Forum Moderation

Moderation Tasks

Managing Posts and Threads

The top MSDN/TechNet forum owners at Microsoft got together to discuss the best practices and guidelines laid out. While we agreed with them, we found that they were a little light and fluffy. We wanted harder guidelines for moderators to follow.

So, specifically, we dug into this article:


And we hammered out some solid guidelines. Next time, we'll dig into those guidelines!

In the meantime, I'll assume you haven't read the plethora of articles above, and I'll leave you to it!


May the Forums be with you! (Don't be a rogue one.)

- Ninja Ed


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