Sunday Surprise - One Week Offer: Reply here to become an MSDN/TechNet Forum Answerer

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This offer is now expired! You can leave requests in the Forum Issues forum (start a new thread) or wait until we have a new similar offer on this blog, in the future. Thanks!



I'm trying something new. For one week, you are invited to reply to this blog post to sign up to become a forum Answerer for any TechNet or MSDN forum. This excludes the Microsoft Community/Answers forums and the ASP.NET forums.

Here are the basic requirements:

  • You have to have been active in that forum for at least 6 months.
  • You have at least 100 Forum Answers.
  • You have at least 1,000 Recognition Points.
  • You'll need to agree to follow the moderation guidelines, paying close attention to how the largest value is to propose questions and then mark them 7 days later (after waiting for the OP to unpropose them or directly mark them).
  • No major complaints or reported issues about your behavior (as far as following the TechNet/MSDN terms of use).

And then just reply with...

  1. A link to the forum(s) you want to become an Answerer in!
  2. Whether you agree to the Forum Moderation Guidelines

Note that each forum has a different group of owners, so there's no guarantee the owners will want to add any more Answerers. But it usually works out well.

After one week, the offer expires! Let's try this and see what happens.


Thank you for all  your community contributions!

- Ninja Ed

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