Thursday Best Practices: Observing Solution and Providing Feedback - Finding Your Way In The Forums

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We are back with the Thursday Forum Best Practices where we discuss about a feature or practice on how you can best utilize MSDN or TechNet Forums.

Today's blog post topic is inspired from our weekly blog posting theme Tuesday Featured Post that was published on a topic Tuesday Featured Post: Finding Solutions To Your Programming Problems.

In the above blog post we can see that it talks about how Original Poster asked about whether there is an alternate and faster approach is available to his/her solution. Where you can see that both OP and answerer's both actively contributing to find a solution. And some of the answerers got selected as helpful post (one of the answers has 21 votes!) multiple times which is a big achievement for the answerer's because the solution that answerer's provided may helped many other community members to solve their issue. Which means your contribution does not stick to this single post rather then it helped many other people in the community in other words the solution is finding it's way into the forum :) . This achievement does not come automatically it requires a great "Observation" quality and based on that observation providing a "Feedback". So, if we look some theoretical description on this we see that,

Observation is a fundamental way of understanding something in this case the issue OP posted and the code snippet. We see that answerer's of this thread observed OP's solution carefully and provided feedback with code snippet about an alternate better approach along with they also points out what is wrong in OP's code and what issue will occur in OP's approach. The feedback here the answerer's provided not just helped the OP but also other community members.

A few observation and much reasoning lead to error, many observations and a little reasoning to truth.

Observing Solution and Providing Feedback is a habit and a practice which can be learned, sharpened and improved. I hope that this post helps and see you on the next one.


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-Ninja Sabah