Tuesday Featured Post: Confused! Pointing Out Where

Good Day All!

We are back with the Tuesday’s Featured Post where we discuss a Forum Post or a Forum Thread from the MSDN or TechNet Forums and then highlight the value that they added.

There are many interesting posts in the forum and you can learn a lot from those posts. So, this is my pick for this week featured post Log backup chain by juniorkiran from SQL Server Forum. In this post the Original Poster is like to know that if there is already a backup jobs scheduled and if a user tries to take full backup of the database, will there be any impact or issue particularly the log backup chain.

This forum post is a good example of, if you do not understand the solution ask again by pointing out where and Original Poster of this thread did the same asked again and again where he/she did not understand the solution that is provided. Also OP provided necessary information so that the community member can understand and provide the appropriate solution to resolve the issue.

If you look closely to the answers in this thread, you can see that everyone who answered the question they answered it gracefully with example and detail explanation. From all the answer in the thread, OP did not understand a line where the User TiborK putted in the answer ("A log backup breaks the log chain") so, OP points out the line and ask what he meant by this line? Then another Mohsin_A_Khan explains it with an example so that it is easier to understand and OP replied and then ask a quick follow up question about if broken how to fix it and then again user Mohsin_A_Khan answered it gracefully.

In this forum post we can see that there is multiple answers and those answers raised another question and some back and forth Original Poster found the solution. But most importantly in the end Original Poster is Crystal Clear about the solution that is provided in the answers.

Thank You,

-Ninja Sabah