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We are back with the Tuesday Featured Post where we discuss a Forum Post or a forum thread from the MSDN or TechNet Forums and then highlight the value that they added.

When I started to find a post for today, my search ended while reading the Forum titled - ATM BANKING that was asked by not sharp. I was curious to read more about the forum as it contained a title that I could have never thought of and it was something which would probably not attract other users to answer. So, when I further analysed the forum, I noticed that this post belonged to one of the categories of forum posts we discussed here: Various ways to Q & A with 3-interesting threads.

Let’s see what does this forum post contained:
1. Short description
2. Complete code - ending with error
3. A post from a new C# folk

This code contains a common issue that any developer can face. Stefan Hoffmann answered to this post beautifully with a complete workable code. I liked the way of answering this question and would like to highlight these points:

You need to cleanly separate your classes - firstly, Hoffman, told what is the main point of the code which needed to be fixed.
In a console application only the static console handling should be part of the class containing the Main() method. Secondly, Hoffman, concluded his answer by pointing out the severe problem.

With this forum post we can see the power of Forums and how users answer to the questions in a productive and effective way for the community. These kinds of posts are a great way to provide fundamental knowledge to newbies.


Ninja Gaurav Arora

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