Tuesday Featured Post - Short description and multiple questions

Hello all!

We are back with the Tuesday Featured Post where we discuss a Forum Post or a forum thread from the MSDN or TechNet Forums and then highlight the value that they added.

It has been a while, since I started moderating C# Forums. I have found various interesting forum posts out there and I discussed those during my previous posts. Today, when I set out trying to find an interesting post, this link grabbed my attention Azure API Management Forum . I found a few interesting threads some of which had direct questions & answers, while others were having lengthy discussions. Finally, my search ended with this straightforward question at - API Management with Virtual Network that was posted by Piyush Gupt Arya. When I opened the thread I realized that - sometime only a few words are enough to narrate a story of hundred pages. Yes, this is not a single question. This thread turned out to be having multiple questions.

Let’s see what does this forum post contained:

  1. Straight and short question
  2. Description that contained a link to Microsoft Docs article
  3. Contained 3-questions:
    • How the process actually works in the background?
    • How it deploys two cloud services?
    • About pricing tier

So, it is a big question which is seemingly short & small.

There are few replies posted by different users as an answer to these questions. But, the reply that I found best (that was also an accepted reply) is from user JiJohn. John referred to the same link and replied in a way that anyone can get reply of all these questions in one go. I want to appreciate the reply from John as whole crux of the lengthy article and answers to all questions in one sentence:

Api Management deploys a cloud service to your VNET to host its binaries.

Here is the power of forums, sometime queries are like small game but very often these small games can appear as a big playground. And this is just because of all participants who made this a perfect playground where everyone gets an answer to their query.


Ninja Gaurav Arora

- Ninja Gaurav