Two interesting recent threads in SQL Server forums

Hello everybody,

As many may know I like to hang up in SQL Server related forums. Over the years when I was visiting these forums there were many interesting threads. I wish I made some of these threads to be my favorites and saved somewhere, but alas, I did no such thing :(

So, now when we have Forum's Ninja blog I thought I'd share two threads which I found interesting in the last week since they are still fresh in my mind.

The first one was in the Getting Started with SQL Server forum. The thread was called MVC. What is interesting about this topic and the question, as it had, as it turned out, very little to do with SQL Server. The stored procedure was fine. The problem turned out to be in the HTML and the button's declaration. The button was declared as a button, therefore it didn't submit the page and the delete action was not executed at all (and the stored procedure was not running, that's why the row was not deleted). It took some deep knowledge and understanding of the underlying technologies from Ronen Ariely who was able to figure out the problem and help the thread's originator. This was a very impressive work!

Another thread which I'd like to highlight is this one called "row number partition in an unordered column" in the Transact-SQL forum. The problem itself is rather trivial if you know the common name for such problems "Gaps & Islands". There are many variations of this type of the problem and many were discussed in the Transact-SQL forum. Even today someone asked a question on that problem again, so I provided a solution and referenced that thread. The interesting thing about this particular thread was the thread's originator Josh Stern. He is a prominent answerer in the SQL Server Database Engine forum so I was a bit surprised finding him asking this relatively simple question. On the other hand, it shows that SQL Server is such a wide area that you can not expect someone to know everything and be an expert in every aspect of the technology.

These are two threads I wanted to share with you today and I will appreciate your input and highlights of the threads that caught your attention recently.

Until the next time,