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We are back with another post in the Wednesday Featured Forums series and the forum I wish to talk about is the Azure Logic Apps forum.

Being an Integration Enthusiast and Microsoft Technology Loyalist, my most important passion is to learn as much as possible in the beautiful world of integration. With the introduction of Azure offerings by Microsoft, specifically  Logic Apps as iPAAS offering, the integration has a new kid in town who is called as hybrid integration. Classical integration was viewed as the integration of various on Premises systems to produce a value enriched system for business. With release of logic apps and the logic apps adapter in BizTalk 2016, its now possible to let the on premises systems communicate with the logic apps hosted on Azure.

Logic App in simple terms is a piece of logical workflow hosted on the Microsoft Azure which is capable of performing some pretty strong integration with systems like CRM, Salesforce, WebAPIs to name a few. With the introduction of Logic Apps it has become very easy to integrate with various systems using the connectors provided by Microsoft. One advantage of Logic App is that with a number of connectors being released every day, it becomes possible for someone to integrate the systems without writing very less to almost no piece of code. In case there are complex scenarios then Azure has given the ability to developers to write their custom connectors and host them in the azure. So it (Logic App) is well capable of handling the simple as as well s complex scenarios.

That being said, Logic Apps is fairly a new field in integration and there are numerous offerings and enhancements being done each day. So for someone who breathes, drinks, eat and thinks of integration, learning Logic Apps is mandatory. This is where the Azure Logic Apps forum comes to the rescue. This forum is dedicated to the discussions and questions related to logic apps. From a point of view of a newbie (me :) ) to the world of Azure, this forum helps a lot. How you might ask? Just by following the questions and the discussions in the forums I have learnt a significant amount about the Logic Apps that I now feel comfortable trying the solutions on my own.

So my advice to anyone who is willing to learn Logic Apps is “Help the Forums Help Your Self.” Now that being said the correct learning path for the Logic Apps and Hybrid integration is to refer to the Azure Documentation, try out the sample scenarios and refer to the forums. This three prong approach will ensure that one will be able to build a strong foundation and will excel further. So don't hesitate to ask a question, come and drop your queries by asking a question or if you are a maestro share with us some of your awesome knowledge by starting a discussion at Azure Logic Apps

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