p&p Mobile Baseline Architecture Tooklit: Unleashed...

After months of working on the Mobile BAT project, it has finally been released to the Mobile community, and we can blog about it. This project will provide application blocks, quick starts, and guidance on how to create line of business applications on the PocketPC Windows Mobile 5 platform.

Here is a list of some of the major application blocks provided by this project:

  • Mobile CAB and Mobile ObjectBuilder
  • Data Synchronization Block
  • Connection Managment Block
  • Disconnected Service Agent Block

We ported the CompositeUI Application Block (CAB) and ObjectBuilder from the full .Net framework version. I will list some of the issues/resolutions related to the code port in a later post. ObjectBuilder has been described to me as a "framework for building dependency injection containers". ObjectBuilder includes several object creation strategies. Combined with CAB's object creation strategies, you can quickly create objects, prepped and ready for use. Simply identify object dependencies through attributes on constructor parameters or properties and call the AddNew method on the WorkItem container to create the object and add it to the container.

The Data Subscription Block provides services required for an application that may be disconnected from the server and data source to work in offline mode.

The Connection Management Block manages connections between the device and the gateway that connects it to the backend services and data sources it uses.

The Disconnected Service Agent Block provides features for storing offline Web Service requests, and executing them when connectivity is available.