6 Years of Blogging and 1,884 Posts later

A little milestone just crept up on me *again*

Six years ago - December 3 2003 - I made my first post here. At the time the blogs were sitting on https://weblogs.asp.net/, having recently moved from https://blogs.gotdotnet.com/.

So much has happened since then, from being on the telly, being in newspapers and magazine articles, special guest on podcasts, trips to the hospital, moving my family to the US and having adventures with a Snowmobile.

Some stats from my blog:

  • Total Posts Published: 1,884
  • Total Pages Published: 34
  • Total Comments: 2,699
  • Total Trackbacks and Pingbacks: 3,122

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There’s another milestone approaching. Dec 15 2006. It’s when I started on Twitter!! But that’s the subject for another post!

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