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I got this email today from reader Steven Nagy about a sidebar gadget he has developed

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Hi Frank,

Just wanted to let you know that I have written a gadget and thought you might like to check it out. Its on gallery.live.com and its called "SurfWatch".

I know you've mentioned a couple other Aussie gadgets over the past month so thought you might be keen to check mine out.

Ok yes, I'm shamelessly looking for a plug on your blog! I did it as an individual, not for any company and was all a fun learning experience.


Steven Nagy


Thx for the note Steven.

Let's go check it out ....

SurfWatch 1.0

Surfs up! This gadget lets you monitor waves easily from your desktop! Configure it once and point to your favourite beach. Then with a glance, get up to date information about wave heights, wave period, wind speed and more.

This is useful for:
* Surfing
* Boating
* Water Sports
* Much more!

With a single mouse click, a flyout shows forecast information for the next couple of days. Or click through another button to open a web page with more detailed information about your location from BuoyWeather.com

While customised for Queensland beaches, it can easily be modified to accept any latitude/longitude (as long as its not land locked: for a quirky result, select Mt Isa as your location!)

All feedback welcome. Feel free to use this gadget for free, and if you modify it, please retain my details as the original author. Have fun!

Checkout the website: http://surfwatch.snagy.name


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