Access Developer Information

I had a knock on my door yesterday from a colleague who was tracking down
some information for a customer.

He asked me if I knew the current licensing conditions around the Access
Runtime and what would a developer need to buy.

Now, I thought about this for a while and wasn't sure about the answer. To
bluff my way out of this, I asked him if he had looked on MSDN, specifically the Access Developer
Center on MSDN

I headed over to the site and found on the home page - Building
Access 2003 Runtime-Based Solutions

The Access 2003 Runtime license comes with the Microsoft Office Access
2003 Developer Extensions, which is a component of Microsoft Visual Studio®
Tools for the Microsoft Office System. A developer who owns Visual Studio
Tools for Office can bundle his application (MDB files and any other support
files) with Access 2003 Runtime and distribute it to as many users as
necessary. The physical runtime files are included with Microsoft Office 2003
Professional Edition or Microsoft Office Access 2003.


He walked away thinking I was a legend, and hopefully I succeeded in teaching
"someone how to fish".

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