Adam Cogan stars on DotNetRocks TV (dnrTV!)

, local Regional Director, has been featured in a number of the recent dnrTV!

Building on
his successful podcast debut earlier this year
he's now gone to video on dnrTV, doing what he does best.

He even shared with me a recent comment praising his work. Way to go

Good sir, these two
shows are my favorite (and most informative) DNRTV episodes to date. More useful
than the Reporting Services book I bought, and more useful than the rest of the
Internet, combined. Thanks!

NOSPAMpseale dot com

The other thing that is cool about dnrTV!
is the use of BitTorrent to distribute the video. Neat

Because of the size of dnrTV videos, we only offer BitTorrent RSS
feeds. If you've never used BitTorrent before, we'll make it easy. Just
PwopCatcher , our own
podcast downloader that installs and works with
ĀµTorrent , a small, fast,
native BitTorrent downloader. You'll get the files MUCH faster than
downloading straight from our server.
this blog post
from Carl Franklin about how configure it.

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