AFR : Blogger takes free laptop in his stride

Josh's (or should I say Joshua's) article is in the AFR today. Moira went out to buy the paper, to put it into the old family scrap book.

The article features Darren Rowse, (*apologies for misspelling your surname*) (a Ferrari recipientTrevor Cook (who commented on the events last week) and yours truly - but Josh got my title wrong. I guess he misheard me during the interview. I am the Group Manager, Technical Communities (not Technical Communications, but that does sound more inmportant doesn't it?) 

The article is online, but presented in the AFR'S all new funky flash interface - so no search engine love for the AFR on this one - Blogger takes free laptop in his stride 

BTW, I noticed that Paul Montgomery (aka TinFinger) got the ping from my earlier post. Did you notice the folks listed in his post? I wonder how many of them got a Ferrari????

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