An encounter with Julian Bajkowski

I caught up with Julian Bajkowski yesterday. Julian is a journalist working at Fairfax, in Mark Jones' team. We met up to talk all things Vista. I was there with Jeff Putt, our local Client Business Group Director (Hey Jeff, where's your blog)

In the course of our discussion, I could sense Julian was after a scoop on early Vista adopters in Australia, as well as other juicy insider information.

Anyways, since I was there to represent developers, I felt compelled to let him know that there is much movement in the developer space around Vista. All MSDN Subscribers have access to the latest bits, an active online developer community is growing around WinFX, local bloggers are writing about using XAML, folks from my team doing demos, in short there is growing buzz around WinFx. And, in the coming months it's only going to get louder.

I'm looking forward to see what Julian has to say about the encounter. I don't think I was very controvertial, and since he is writing for MIS Magazine rather than a developer magazine, I doubt anything I said will make it to print this time, so I don't think I'm breaking any news.

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