ASP.NET Site of the Day : A-League

Tech.Ed's over, so best to get back to normal activities, as I try and feature an ASP.NET site each day

Thanks to an email from William Luu, an Aussie .NET Blogger, which alerted me to the fact that the new launched A-LEAGUE has a new web site and it's all ASP.NET, as are all the club sites.

Hyundai A-League

The League

A little over two years ago, the wheels were set in motion for a new national football (or soccer as it was known then) competition to be introduced on to the Australian sporting public, culminating in the launch of the Hyundai A-League. On Friday 26th August, 2005 those wheels will be off and running and the exciting journey will commence. The decision to start afresh will hopefully begin the revitalisation of the game at the domestic level in Australia. There are many facets involved in the staging of a national competition and should be regarded as equally as important as what happens on the field. The League section of the website, is provided to assist football fans with information about the Hyundai A-League in general.

Cool. Anyone know who developed it?

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