Australian IT : Testing the Web 2.0 water

I spotted the following article this week at Australian IT : Testing the Web 2.0 water.

I was surprised to see a great many of the aussie web entrepreneurs missed in the coverage.

Where were the 2Web Crew? They were conspicuous by the absence.

So, let me do my bit and shine a light on some of the stuff I know.

Paul Montgomery blogs about a successful meetup on Thursday in Melbourne, which featured Ben Barren.

Martin Wells is compiling a list of Web 2,0 activities in Australia, as well as arranging 2Web dinners.

And some of the guys doing it downunder include

Kevin Leversee - Pandora Squared

Nick McNaughton - Zookoda

Nik Cubrilovic - Omnidrive

Michael Liubinskas - Zapr

Chris Saad - Touchstone

** Minti

I'm sure that there are many many many more doing amazing things out there. Let's spread the word. 

Oh, and we're having a panel discussion at Tech.Ed on WEB vNEXT. I wont steal Nigel's thunder, but there are going to be some great speakers on the panel.

** Update: Fixed some obvious spelling errors and added Minti

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