Behind the Scenes at TechEd - I interview myself since Geoff didn't

I've been waiting for Geoff Appleby to interview me for the TechTalkBlog's Behind the Scene series.

I've been waiting and waiting but he never asked me. So, I will interview myself

  1. Who are you, and what do you do when you aren't doing things for TechEd?
    I'm Frank Arrigo, when I'm not doing things for TechEd, I'm righting wrongs and inspiring my team to greatness.
  2. What's the secret location of this year's party?
  3. What track(s) are you running? What sort of things do they cover?
    I didnt manage any tracks. I am simply management overhead.
  4. What else are you involved with this year?
    Ummm, the opening, the closing, the stuff in between and picking the clothes for the Meegos
  5. No really, you can tell me. Where's the party going to be?
    Sydney. At a night club nearby. 
  6. Why should I go to your track(s) and not a different one?
    I dont have a track, aren't you listening?
  7. If I couldn't make it to TechEd this year, is there any way I'd be able to get my hands on some of the information presented on your track?
    We're going to have webcasts
  8. Why should I even go to TechEd at all?
    Bill McCarthy summed it up best
  9. How many TechEds have you been to before? Which one was the best?
    I presented at the first TechEd in New Orleans way back in 1994. Do the maths. Of course this year's Teched will be the best!
  10. Why is this years going to be the best one yet?
    Because it's in Sydney.
  11. There's a lot of new stuff coming out in the next 12 months - Vista, Office, .Net 3.0, Expressions, and more. Which one are you looking forward to the most?
    As a developer, it's gotta be .NET 3, as a consumer/ enduser it's Windows Vista. The next 12 months are looking unreal!

Hmmm, no wonder Geoff didn't bother interviewing me

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