BillG chats with Scoble on Channel9

Robert Scoble has his scoop. He gets to spend some time with Bill Gates and it's all on video over at Channel 9. I like Dave's unasked questions:

A picture named nineguy.gifScoble interviews Microsoft founder Bill Gates. If I were him I'd ask if he reads Scobleizer. And of course I'd like to know if he reads Scripting News. And it would be cool if he asked him some hard questions, like this: If you had a choice would you be running Microsoft of 1976 or Microsoft of 2005? What advantages do Google and Yahoo have over Microsoft? Does the largeness of Microsoft ever get you down? Now, of course it's hard to interview a guy of Gates's stature, especially when he signs the paycheck of your boss's boss's boss's boss's boss's boss's boss. ";->"

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