Can't get to CES? See it all unfold online

For those of us who are unable to make the trip to Vegas to attend CES, we can be part of the experience online thanks to Microsft At CES

The 2007 International CES starts Monday and Microsoft will be there introducing new technologies and demonstrating its latest innovations. Microsoft at CES will follow the action with in-the-moment video from the show floor.

CES Keynote, Sunday, 6:30 PST

On Sunday night, join Bill Gates right here at as he keynotes 2007 CES, demonstrating how the company is delivering a new generation of connected experiences. Bill will be joined by Robbie Bach in announcing several new offerings from Windows Vista, Xbox 360, Microsoft TV and more.

The keynote timing for us downunder looks like this :

  • Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra - Mon 1:30 PM
  • Perth - Mon 11:30 AM
  • Adelaide - Mon 1:00 PM
  • Brisbane - Mon 12:30 PM

I reckon the keynote is going to be *snapping* good.

And don't forget CESbloggers and CESblogs for the source of gossips, rumours and buzz from the floor.

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